SmartSnacks Healthy Waffers


SmartSnacks healthy waffers 3x30g


What and why Smartnsnacks ?

I am currenlty a student and I am participing in the projet LJE MINIENTREPRISE wich help young people to make their first steps in the entrepreunarial world.

At Smartsnacks, we offers healthy alternative for the daily snacks that we eat daily.

That is our first product, the Belgian Waffer.

But why us and not another brand ?

Because We use REAL healthy products. For example, we do not use artifical sugar that can be found in the "healthy version" such as Coca Zero.

Why ? Because it is risky, we do not what are the effect on the long term and the WHO classed the Aspatarm ( used in coke zero) as possibly carcinogenic and others artificials substitutes are stil unknown for long term effect, so why should we take the risk ? Health is not a place where you should risk, it is the most precious thing we have and that we know it ! This is why we use FRUCTOSE, a natural sugar that is extracted in fruits ( banana,...), we can't do more natural :)

Our waffer are made in Belgium, so it is local but also the transportation of the waffers are neutral in carbon emission, yes we are ecological ;)

Finally We are abordable, we also know that big compagnies like to price high their "healthy products" just for more profit.

With a launching price of 2.85 we hope to reduce this price as we continue our journey to provide the cheapest option on the market.

Still not convince ? Well if you have any question, contact us by whatsapp on 0469213666 (prefered) or

Many Thanks for your support !